Costa Rica: Central America's Garden of Eden

10 April 2021 to 21 April 2021
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Costa Rica


Renowned for its beaches, volcanoes, and most importantly, its biodiversity, Costa Rica is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. This is your opportunity to explore this incredible country in the company of popular Cambridge zoologist and ornithologist, Professor Nick Davies. Together you will discover Costa Rica’s contrasting habitats, from jungle beaches and waterfalls to volcanic rainforests, encountering some of the world’s most incredible wildlife along the way.


  • Explore six different reserves, including the fascinating, but lesser-visited Tirimbina Rainforest and Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • Encounter incredible birdlife, from bright toucans, macaws and parrots to the prized resplendent quetzal
  • Go in search of some of the world’s most unusual mammals including sloths, tapirs and armadillos
  • Spot squirrel monkeys, white-faced capuchins and white-nosed coatis
  • Enjoy excursions including a ‘Sky Tram’ gondola through the treetops in the Arenal reserve and a night walk through primary rainforest at the Mistico Park Hanging Bridges

Trip scholar
Professor Nick Davies, Professor of Behavioural Ecology, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge
Nick is a field naturalist with a particular interest in bird behaviour, and a fellow of the Royal Society

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