Why join an Oxford Journeys trip?

Intellectual stimulation

Our trips offer a bespoke educational travel experience, with unique itineraries specifically designed for alumni by our experienced tour operator partners. Tours are designed to give an in-depth understanding of the history, culture, landscapes, flora and fauna of a destination. 

Expert trip scholars

Travel in the company of an expert trip scholar who will offer interesting and unique insights into the destinations and sites visited and give lectures on their area of research. Trip scholars are involved in developing the itinerary so you are guaranteed to visit the most relevant and interesting sites, and they often provide our groups with exclusive access to places not usually open to the public.

Small groups of fellow alumni

Groups are usually small, with approximately twenty people, giving you the chance to travel in congenial company with other alumni. 

Support alumni outreach

For every booking on an Oxford Journeys trip, the University Alumni Office receives a contribution from the tour operator which goes towards supporting resources and activities for Oxford alumni. 

Travellers' viewpoints

"Overall we found it to be a truly memorable experience, thanks to both the night skies and the really outstanding lectures by Professor Roger Davies.  I can't over emphasise the importance of the latter. Without the lectures we would struggle to rate the experience as highly." Rosalind and Mark Atkins (Hertford 1975) who travelled on our Polar Nights and Mystical Northern Lights trip.

"The Oxford Professor and his wife accompanying us were immensely knowledgeable and approachable. We found the other participants very congenial and easy as travelling companions." Frances Stoddart (St Anne's 1955) who travelled on our Eternal Egypt trip.

"The first ever Oxbridge trip to Myanmar was a resounding success. So many things that happened were unique on this trip." Janet Langdon (St Hilda's 1958, who travelled on our first Burma - the Art and Culture of the Golden Land trip.

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